Thursday, March 11, 2010

Japanese Summer Institute: Movies, Museums, and Karaoke

Okay, so the title sounds kinda crazy. Karaoke? Haha. I'll do anything to get my students to actually vocalize Japanese--whether they understand it or not.

The action of voicing new and unfamiliar words--its pronunciation, intonations, and rhythms--help a language learner become more familiar and hence more comfortable with speaking Japanese. So if they're going to voice Japanese, why just limit it to the dialogue and exercises in a textbook? Why not sing along with J-pop?

Not that I should be the model of a perfect student (long story), but I sang Japanese songs a lot in my early years of learning Japanese and it helped me a lot.

Anyway, I felt compelled to write this post when I read this article published in the CCAS Newsletter. It's nice to get a write up in the school newsletter, but I'm sure the word karaoke will raise a few eyebrows, so I wanted to elucidate just a bit.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Major Fair--postscript

Thanks to all those who came to the Major Fair tonight to show your support! The Chinese teachers were like: "Wow, you guys are like a family. You help and support each other." Indeed, one student looking to minor wanted some advice and Marshall and Natasha (right) were talking to him giving him pointers--Yeah, avoid bungo at... all cost!--and the Chinese teachers were so envious to see our Japanese majors pitching in without having to be asked! I felt like a proud papa. :-P

Monday, March 01, 2010

Japanese Institute for Language and Culture

Just to let you know, summer session IS ON... well, if we get enough students to register, that is.

I've been working since last October to put together a program that will help our students and generate interest in Japanese for those GW students who want a taste of Japanese language and culture and as well as those who are not GW students. Hopefully this is the ticket.

We are integrating language and culture and hope students will feel invested in the program as we try to get instructors and students involved in all aspects of the program, including events outside of class, which is where students can aply what they are learning in class.

I'll have more as information becomes available, but for the time being, click on the flier and take a look at some of the details. Contact me or GW Summer Session for more information.