Sunday, July 11, 2010

Freer Gallery

On June 10, we went to the Freer Museum on the National Mall for a tour of Japanese Art. Our docent, Jo Kinkaid--in the middle of the right photo--led us through a detailed explanation of the various exhibits.

On the train on the way back from the Museum, I took a head count--1-2-3...8-9... um... Who's not here? I wondered out loud. Sara, Nidhi, er... Abe, Kamilah, uh... Rachel, Debbie went to her internship, Jon said he's stay behind... Alex! Where's Alex? Wasn't he just here?

Well as best as I can remember this is what happened: At the Smithsonian station, we had noticed that a westbound train had just entered the station. We hurried down the escalator to the platform and hopped onto the train. But Alex didn't make it before the door closed. Fortunately, all the students were adults and it wasn't likely that any of them--certainly not the studious Alex who came from Iowa--would get lost. As I waited at the turnstiles at Foggy Bottom, Alex came strolling down the concourse toward the exit turnstile.

"Glad your back," I said in relief.

"I just got on the next train," he said, rather matter-of-factly, seemingly bemused at why anyone would have to worry...