Monday, August 20, 2012

Japanese Culture through Film JAPN 3162

To students who wish to sign up for Japanese Culture through Film:

I do not add students beyond the cap. Period. While there may seem to be some seats available, this is because the course JAPN3162 is cross-listed with ANTH3709. Students registered through anthropology will not show up in Japanese Culture through Film listing and vice versa. Once the course reaches its cap, I close the course to allow everyone a fair chance to join the class at the beginning of the semester.

Still, you can add your name to the Waiting List at the first class meeting to see if seats become available. While the following process may sound rather cumbersome, it is the fairest way to add students to this popular (I don't know why!) course.
  1. You must come to the first class meeting. You will be asked to line in a cue to sign a waiting list.
  2. You must add your name and signature on the initial Waiting List at the beginning of the first class. The Waiting List will be available at the beginning of  class only. Waiting List will no longer be available once the course begins. You may add your name to the Waiting List at the end of class. Be sure to bring your GWID.
  3. At the end of the first class, you must provide your name and signature again to the Confirmation List. If you fail to sign the Confirmation List, your name will be dropped to the bottom of the Waiting List even if you signed the Waiting List early. No exception.
  4. If seats become available, I will contact students and ask them to bring completed RTF forms for me to sign at the beginning of the second class. Students will be contacted in the order which students added their names to the Waiting List and who have sign the Confirmation List. At the second class meeting if you are not present when I call your name or if your RTF form is not completed--your name, ID number, name of course, CRN, etc--I will move to the next student and you will be dropped to the end of the Waiting List. No exception. 
  5. NOTE: Even if you do the above completely, there is NO GUARANTEE you will get a seat in the course. Students can add the course ONLY if seats are available--these are seats dropped by  students who have already registered.
  6. In general, I will not sign in anyone after the second class meeting. 
If you are a Japanese major and a graduating senior who can demonstrate appropriate need for this course in order to graduate--lack of Japanese major credit units and conflict with other available/eligible courses--come to my office immediately.