Tuesday, December 15, 2015

B-Day Presents

I feel pretty lucky to have such thoughtful students. Shandao knows that I'm lactose intolerant so instead of cake she dropped by to wish me a happy birthday with egg foo young. Shandao graduated a year ago. Senior Alicia knows my favorite cookies are peanut butter and she dropped by with a home-made batch--she used as little butter as possible, she said. Shirley also came by with some Ghirardelli caramel and milk chocolate. Yum. Bad for my stomach but still tasty. She's a freshman so wouldn't know about my dietary situation (she does now), but I'm eatin' them anyway! Thanks guys. It was really thoughtful of you!
It's nice to think that I have students who appreciate my classes, especially when they represent a nice range of students from freshmen who are just getting to know me, to seniors who have known me for a few years, and graduates who have yet to forgot me. Of course, the student who graduated comes with a caveat: she also asked for a letter of recommendation.

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