Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Imaging Imaginings

I must be the slowest grader on the face of the planet, but I've reached the home stretch, down to my last class. Grading is not so much fun usually, unless I make my students use their imagination. In one story--チーズケーキのような形をした僕の貧乏 (My Poverty in a Shape Like a Cheesecake)--Murakami Haruki asks his readers to imagine a piece of property of a house he once rented by comparing it to the shape of a slice of cheesecake. Understanding text often requires the reader to image what's going on, but how do I see if students are doing this? Translating is fine and it's something I usually ask them to do in a literal and grammatically precise manner (thanks Epp sensei), but since Haruki asked his readers to imagine his explanation of the property, I asked the students to convey their understanding of his explanation through images. Tell me: Don't you think these might be more fun to grade? :-)
BTW: "My Picasso" at the bottom of the sheet is not meant represent my expectations of students' artistic abilities. In fact, I might even be the exact opposite. (^^;)

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