Tuesday, May 20, 2003

JAPN 105~6 Intermediate Japanese (1998)

Please note that JAPN 5~6 is no longer offered.

Purpose: Intermediate Japanese (Japn 007) is a course that aims
to expand the Japanese language ability the student is expected to have
acquired to this point. It will go beyond the grammatical lessons and
pattern practices of basic Japanese, and expose the student to
"authentic" Japanese, in preparing the student for future independent
readings and research in Japanese.

Requirements: : Every student must be registered in Japn 105.
Prerequisite for the course is Japn 004 or equivalent or permission of the instructor.

The course will offer textbook material, as well as
relatively simple literary and journalistic texts for reading. The
student will be required to read and translate any portion of the text
assigned by the instructor. The student also must be prepared for
simple discussions concerning the text in class in Japanese.

I ususally teach this course in the summer when there is enough interest.

As a language student, you are expected to learn and retain
material previously studied at all times. There will be weekly
quizzes/exercises every Friday (translation/kanji/sight comprehension),
two midterm exams and a final exam, all of which are cumulative. There
will also be impromptu quizzes on current material. PLEASE NOTE that
there are ABSOLUTELY NO make-up quizzes (except in cases of sudden and
verifiable illness).

Class participation is mandatory; consequently, regular
attendance is required. A total of six (6) absences for the semester
will be recognized in cases of illness or emergencies.

Textbook: Photocopies of selected texts; photocopying costs will be announced later.

Open door policy: All students are welcome to see me on any
matter of concern; if my door is open, it means that I'm available. If
you have questions or concerns about the grammar, or the translation,
or an exam, or studying in Japan, or your progress, feel free to step
in; if I'm not in, then come after class or make an appointment at your

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