Thursday, January 18, 2007

JAPN 110 Readings in Classical Japanese (2007)

Purpose Readings in Classical Japanese is a course that aims to familiarize the interested student to classical texts in Japanese. It will explain grammar and expose the student to "authentic" Japanese. The course will be conducted mainly in English.

Requirements Every student must be registered in JAPN 110. No auditor is allowed. Prerequisite for the course is JAPN 109 or equivalent.

The course will continue to offer instruction in literary grammar, focusing on the conjugations of verbs, adjectives, and auxiliary verbs, as well as case particles, conjunctive particles and emphatics. This will lead to readings of excerpts from standard literary texts, beginning with the Hojoki. The student will be required to read and translate any portion of the text assigned by the instructor. The student must also be prepared to discuss or explain the grammatical structure of any portion of the text.

Required Work
Success in the course is contingent on the students' performance in all assignments, quizzes and exams. Assignments will also be posted on Black Board. You will be required to do the following:

  • Class participation and assignments: All students are expected to have read the material for class; level and accuracy of participation in any discussion will be noted and evaluated. Absences will be graded as non-participation, in-class assignments cannot be made-up. (10%)
  • Quizzes: All quizzes will be cumulative. (30%)
  • In-class Midterm, which will include grammar questions, class texts as well as sight passages. (30%)
  • In-class Final exam will be similar to the midterm; cumulative. (30%)

Text There is one dictionary and one reference book for the course; and should be available at the bookstore. Other texts will be distributed in class.

  • Kitahara Y., ed. Zenyaku kogo reikai jiten, Shōgakkan.
  • Sato S., ed. Yūsai kogo jiten, Meiji Shoin.
  • Kōjien, Iwanami shoten.
  • Kokugo Daijiten, Shōgakkan

Optional Text
Helen McCullough. Bungo Manual. Cornell East Asia Series, 1993. ISBN: 0939657481

If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact the instructor during office hours, after class or make an appointment. E-mails are always welcome.

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