Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Semester

The semester as begun. This semester, I'm teaching J-Lit in Translation and Beginning Japanese II. I haven't taught Lit in Translation in a couple of years so I'm kinda apprehensive. I'm sure my students can tell I'm nervous. I'm also teaching Beginning Japanese for the first time in... 6 years? It's been a while so I get kinda nervous there too. It's only the first week of school and I'm already a nervous wreck! But I look forward to the semester because I just love to teach Japanese.


Anonymous said...

You're doing great Sensei! You don't seem nervous at all (but now I know you are!) Don't be! Everyone I have talked to loves your class. We all think we got a lot out of the quia quiz.
- Logan

Anonymous said...

We all adore you Sensei!