Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer at GW

The events in Japan have made it difficult to study in Japan Study abroad canceled spring semester for those studying in Japan, and they recently canceled the summer programs. This means that many students who were thinking of going to study in Japan can no longer do so.

Well, the Japanese program is running a Summer Institute this year for Japanese language and Culture. The Institute is an intensive 11 credit program for eight weeks that offers Beginning or Intermediate Japanese learners as well as the Culture through Film course. This 11 credit program is being offered at a discount of over 30%. In other words, it's like paying for the language and getting the film class for free! (Yes, this is a GW program...)

If you already took First or Second year Japanese language, you can still take the film class by itself--although there is no discount for this. :-( You all know how hard it is to get into the Film class, and I will be teaching it for the first (and maybe only) time since 2006.

If you are interested in the Institute or have any questions, please contact me. (Contacting me does not obligate you to take the courses so please feel free with any questions.) You can also come and talk to me in my office. I office hours are always posted online at:

Hopefully, this may help some of you in your degree program since many were thinking of getting credit from Japan.

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