Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Attendance policy

Attendance is mandatory and an unexcused absences will affect your final grade. This may seem draconian but it is a policy I implement this semester, and probably from now on when I teach the film class.
  • A total of one (1) absence for the semester is allowed for any reason. (One class equivalent to three credit hours.)
    • Each absence beyond the one absence—including classes missed in the first week—will be a deduction of your participation grade @ 7.14%/absence.
    • Please consult with the instructor if you have an emergency. If you miss more than 5 classes in total for any reason, you will not receive a passing grade.
  • Excused absence: Absence due to emergency—illness, accident, etc.—or GW-related obligation (athletic competition, Model U.N. participation) will be excused only if the student
    1. Provides verifiable evidence—doctor’s note, accident/police report;
    2. Writes a 300 word mini-review of the film screened in class.
    3. Documentation and mini-review must be submitted within a week upon return to class. If both 1 and 2 are not completed, then the absence is not excused and will count against your participation record.
  • Tardiness is frowned upon. Arriving late can disrupt the class, and habitual tardiness is not tolerated.
    • Arriving 10 minutes or later is logged as a half absence.
    • 30 minutes or later will be logged as a complete absence.
    • Early departure will also count as a half absence (3.57%) toward your participation record.

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