Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fall Semester

Jeepers. It's already October and Fall semester is in full swing. I meant to write a bit more about summer session but a colleague teaching one of the classes fell ill and I had to cover the class for the rest of the summer session. Teaching two intensive courses left little time to do things like blogging. Happily, the colleague is recuperating and getting better, but I was exhausted.

Rest was in order... but right after grading finals I participated in series of workshops to learn about the tools for creating and implementing online courses. After which, I helped to organize the Japanese Program retreat to discuss and plan our methods of assessing students--and thereby assessing ourselves. Before I knew it, Fall semester was here, and I found myself preparing for classes.

I regret that I didn't get to touch my research... Wait... Did I say "regret"? What I should have said is "afraid". Like, I'm afraid of that tap on the shoulder... "Dude, did you publish anything this year?" *shudder*

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