Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Japanese Chat Room--日本語を練習しましょう

The Japanese program staff started its Japanese Chat Room, a gathering where students of all levels studying Japanese at GW can come to practice the skills they have acquired in class. It is also an opportunity to meet other students and teachers (!) you do not know... yet.

There have been three Chat Rooms so far—including the Mount Vernon Language Café--and we have had a warm response from student, mostly beginning level. It is an art to speak to first year students in Japanese for an hour--how many ways can you say, "My name is..." "I am from..." "My major is..."??? Whew! I'm not sure how many ways we said it but it was fun. But I hope students from second, third and fourth year come as well, because...

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, studying in the classroom gets you all the basic tools and information you need to speak, but to become fluent, you must practice… and practice… and practice. So I hope we get to see you participate in our Chat Rooms sometime during the semester. The remaining schedule is as follows.

  • October 8 (金) 佐藤 11-12am, Rome 470
  • October 14 (木) 浜野 5-6 Phillips 210A
  • October 19 (火) 瀬谷 2-3 Eckles Library, Mt. Vernon Campus
  • October 27 (水) はなみ 5-6 Phillips 210A
  • November 5 (金) 辻岡 3-4, Room Phillips 210A
  • November 12 (金) 佐藤 11-12am, Rome 470
  • November16 (火) 瀬谷 2-3 Eckles Library, Mt. Vernon Campus
  • December 1 (水) 浜野 5-6 Phillips 210A
  • December 7 (火) 瀬谷 2-3 Eckles Library, Mt. Vernon Campus

If you’re studying Japanese, take advantage of these opportunities. It should be fun, rewarding, and best of all, no quizzes.

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